A Summer Cleaning Check-off List

This is just a suggested summer cleaning schedule for schools. This is one we print out... one for each room and area. Each room would have a copy of this taped to the door.When each task is completed the person responsible for the cleaning checks it off the list. This helps to keep track of what is done and eliminates confusion. (...like when a sub has been called in or when there are several people working the same site) Feel free to print this out and make copies of this for your building.

Some custodians prefer to clean the furniture and move it the one side then clean the empty side, shampoo the carpet...do several rooms this way and the next day when the carpets are totally clean and dry move the furniture to the other side in these rooms and shampoo the other halves. This can keep the halls clear and has other benefits as well.
The Special Comments Area is a place where anyone can list things needing repair,
or areas that were missed, etc.


_______1. Draw Floor Plan on Chalkboard/Whiteboard

_______2. Wash/Clean Furniture.

_______3. Clear Furniture to Hallway

_______4. Do High Dusting/Cleaning (Light fixtures, blinds, walls)

_______5. Replace Any Burnt Out Light Bulbs

_______6. Clean Windows

_______7. Woodwork, Walls, Chalkboards/Whiteboards & Trays

_______8. Vacuum

_______9. Spot and Shampoo Carpet or Scrub and Wax Floors.

_______10. Replace Furniture According to Floor Plan Map

Each step to be checked off by the person assigned
to the job. Final check by head custodian who will sign off.

Special Comments:

______________________________ Head Custodian

______________________________ Date

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